July/August 2017 | Climbing Bugaboo Spire

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Titans of the Great Lakes
It’s a multi-billion-dollar business that most of us never get to see. A glimpse into what life is like aboard the freighters that ply the Great Lakes.

A story in stone
An intimate portrait of the work of the stone carvers who are turning back the clock to rejuvenate the Parliament buildings

The expeditions
The leaders of the latest expeditions funded by The Royal Canadian Geographical Society share, in their own words, the most memorable moments from their epic journeys

Down to earth
Roberta Bondar is Canada’s first female astronaut and a renowned photographer. These are her favourite images of Canada.

‘It's been raining! In the High Arctic!’
The Canadian High Arctic Research Station is set to open in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, later this year. How will it affect our understanding and appreciation of the North and the rapid change occurring there?