January / February 2017 | WOLVES

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Harvey wants half
Harvey Locke, founder of the monumental Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative, talks about how Y2Y continues to evolve as it turns 20 and why the Nature Needs Half conservation edict is gaining momentum

‘Listen to what the land wants, listen to what the lake wants, listen to what the animals want.'

How the Sahtuto’ine Dene of Déline created the Northwest Territories' Tsá Tué Biosphere Reserve, the world's first such UNESCO site to be managed by an Indigenous community

Shale game
More than a century after their discovery, the spectacular fossils of British Columbia's Burgess Shale continue to reveal new insights into the evolution of life on Earth

Saving an arctic oasis
The behind-the-scenes story of how Nunavut's biodiverse Lancaster Sound is set to become one of Canada's newest national marine conservation areas

The call of Algonquin

A celebration in words and pictures of Canada's oldest provincial park