A Living Legacy: Remarkable Trees of Canada’s Capital (Book)

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Every capital in the world has its own special treasures and exceptional features that make it unique and in which it takes particular pride. For their citizens and for people around the world, national capitals are showcases of elements of urban, architectural, artistic and natural beauty that contribute to the country’s national identity. The natural heritage of Canada’s Capital Region is a fine example of this type of national treasure. Its preservation and beautification are the responsibility of the National Capital Commission, which, in this book, presents examples of a precious living legacy: the remarkable trees of the region.

Showcasing the biodiversity and some of the rare specimens of trees found in this northern part of the world, the book also takes us through the geological history of the region, to the First Peoples who shared their knowledge of trees, to the vast forests of noble hardwoods that were soon to be exploited and exported. It takes us through the years, telling the stories of visionary scientists determined to improve the hardiness of various species, to the conservation challenges that urbanization and climate change present today.

In short, this book is an invitation to discover some of the most beautiful and exceptional trees in the region.


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