Spring/Summer 2018 | Heli-Hiking in Eastern B.C.

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Schwartz’s or Lester’s? Challah grilled cheese or gefilte fish club sandwich? Massafan cookies or chocolate babka French toast?
The old classics and classy newcomers behind Montreal’s Jewish food scene renaissance

One heli of a hike
Climb every mountain, ford every stream. In eastern B.C.’s Cariboo Mountains, however, it helps to start with a helicopter

Antarctic impressions
Artist David McEown on Antarctica’s ‘fantastical’ lure, penguins and painting in the cold

Glorious Guadeloupe
Take a visual tour of the sun-soaked Caribbean nation with familiar Gallic flavours and a welcoming Creole culture all its own

Fish, forage and feast
Why Newfoundland is the new ‘it’ destination for foodie travellers